I just found that I can make or have someone else make twin headboards for me right here in Boise, Idaho. I don’t have to order anything on line, pay for shipping, or wait for weeks before they arrive. Isn’t Boise and the talent that lives in our community wonderful?

I am looking forward to serving at the center tonight. I have been told I am the first and only board member who has ever been on “the line” dishing up food for a banquet. Tonight I get to do it for a second time. I really enjoy the folks who are there with me and learning “the ropes.”

I woke up this morning at 4 AM and have been enjoying the sunrise while reading the paper in the peaceful quiet that exists only in these early hours of the day. Although Larry Gebhert is predicting another hot day for Boise right at this moment it is beautiful, fresh, and cool.

First time for everything. I was hacked. I apologize for the inconvenience.

I attended our Boise Exchange Club weekly meeting today where we had two speakers from the Discovery Center. They were telling of the many programs and events they are having at their facility. I was reminded of my involvement with the original idea of the Discovery Center many years ago when I took Brian and Jennifer, my children, to Portland and the coast on Spring Break. On our way back we stopped and toured OMSI. It was such a wonderful experience that as a suggestion for a project to the Junior League of which I was a member at the time I suggested we have a science museum. Several others must have also suggested the idea for Boise and someone within that organization took up the idea and we have what exists today. Many thanks to the women of Junior League who started the Discovery Center. Our community is better for it.

Let’s all celebrate our freedom today while keeping in mind the few who provide and protect it for us.

Preparing for the 4th of July around here is fun! I’m having friends over on Tuesday for lunch to begin the festivities. We’ll sit around the pool and sip lemonade and catch up on each others summer. Allen and I are going to have a large group of friends over on the 4th to watch the fireworks from our vantage point which overlooks Ann Morrison Park. We live in a great nation and celebrating that fact is a very worthwhile activity.

I know everyone was surprised about the decision yesterday by the Supreme Court. In our household there was no surprise because my husband, legal scholar and constitutional authority, Allen, called it about a month ago.

I wanted to play today, but instead I am working on projects for the Park View East Homeowners’ Association. Several of us met with a representative of Idaho Power in an effort to find ways to reduce our electric bill for this complex. There are incentive programs being offered for which we may qualify. If so, we could significantly reduce our costs. Many of our residents are on fixed incomes and our newly seated board which I was elected president, are anxious to find savings to pass along on the association fees…..particularly in these tough times.

Back in town from visiting my grandsons (and their parents) in Alaska, and seeing my son graduate with his masters in Kansas City..,..along with sharing time with his little family. It was a wonderful 10 days, but there is little time to rest before getting back in the throws of real life.
Looking forward to when my web site goes live so I can give you all updates on my Senate campaign.
Off to Alive after Five.